Volume 2 Issue 8
December 1998

From the President by Steve Hurley
Well folks, this will be my final act and newsletter for the Archdale Civic Association. In accordance with ou Bi-Laws, I am allowed only 2 yeas in this office, which is fine because I feel we need new poeple on the board, to give new and fresh ideas for our community. It's been very different and sometimes a difficult position to hold, but well worth it. I feel like many of us have pulled together, in many areas for our community, which we were lacking in before! Just a few examples are volunteers on our boulevard Saturday mornings, the food drives we have had for different charities, all the volunteers who cook dishes regularly for the Ronald McDonald House "Share a Night". Our yard sale that generated $100 for the Good Saaitan Mission last month, for their Thanksgiving feeding of the homeless, and of course, our 50% participation in the annual maintenace fund. I must also mention this newsletter, which I hope benfits everyone in one way or another. As I said, these are just a few examples of how we have pulled together, and I am sure we will continue to get more involved in the years to come. I will continue to write articles, from time to time, for the newsletter. I also want to say thanks to each and every one who has taken the time to call me about your concerns. Even those who have just called to complain, it shows you care enough about our community to take the time to call! A VERY special "Thank You to everyone who contributed your $30 (52 cents per week) so we could continue our beautification fund. To everyone, Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year!

Ronald McDonald House
Maragret Childs and I had the honor of joining the other volunteers at the Sheraton last week, for the luncheon given by the Ronald McDonald House. It felt wonderful to sit there and represent the largest group (Archdale) they have ever had help them with "Share a Night". By word of mouth, from us to our local churches and businesses, they now have dinner served to the parents, 4 times a week. Not bad since this time last year it was about one time every two weeks! Barbara Bond, the director of the "House", sends her deep appreciation to everyone here in Archdale. She told us a story about Christams Ever, lat year, when "Amy, a wonderful little 13 year old girl, came into the house where Barbara was putting away hundreds of canned goods and feeling a little sorry for herself. She mumbled under her breath about what a way to spend Christmas Ever, then Barbara spotted Amy and asked her what she was doing? Amy rep.ied that she simply wanted to help after all that was what Christmas was all about. With this, Barbara, thinking it would now take twice as long, reluctantly agreed to Amy helping with the cans. Amy began re-arranging the cans - Beans with a "B" came before corn with a "C". But this was Amy. It did take Barbara and Amy twice as long to get everything put away, but Amy told Barbara and her parents that it was the best Christmas ever, because she was helping. Amy in no longer with us, but like Barbara, every time I walk into that kitchen, I remember a little girl named "Amy" who only wanted to help at Christmas. Please dont forget children like her and her parents, the next time we have a food drive or ask you to fix a dish! Thanks, Steve

P.S. As for Margaret Childs, The work and hurs you give us is remarkable. On behalf of the parents at Ronald McDonald House, THNAK YOU!

Good Samaritan
This past Thanksgiving, my son Michael and I, along with neighbors Michelle Lantry and her children Elissa and Evan and another neighbor, Tim Gregowitz volunteered to serve dinner at the Good Samaritan Mission, on Rivers Avenue. What an eye opener this was! At first Michelle and I thought the volunteers out numbered the homeless. This soon changed! Have you ever seen or been with a mother who has no food for her children? I'm not talking about a third world country, I'm talking about the poeple right here in Charleston. it is inconceivable that in this day and age, people go hungry and people are homeless. elieve me, after I heard some of their stories, I knew these were very normal people who just fell on some really hard times! The Rev. Sl Salmon of the mision, asked me to ask you all to help out if you can? He asked if we could get just one can of food from each of the 752 homes, here in Archdale, this would be enough to take 200 of them through the Holidays! One can per home! Can we do it? Will you do it? We have set aside December 19th to begin our food drive. We need volunteers from each subdivision to cover thier streets, or help pick up. We need people with trucks to volunteer to take the food to the mission. I have promised Jill Miller of Channel 5 and Nina Sossaman of Channel 2, phone calls in advance as they both want to cover this effort as a story. We plan to have a "Drop off" box at the fron entrance which will be emptied each night. We feel that if anyone feels the need to steal the food, their need must be greater than our cause! The money we raised at our yard sale has been donated to this mission. Thanks for your help!

Dr. Marlon Fox
Anytime you see Dr. Marlon Fox on his weekend stroll, picking up litter on the boulevard, Honk your horn, wave and say Thanks. He sure cares about HIS neighborhood.

Toys for Forter Children
For everyone who has called regarding Christmas toys for the foster children this year, (over 300) we have them covered, but remember each year around the holidays, the children's shelter, Downtown, fils up! They may need some extra Dolls or Toy Trucks. You can still call me and leave your name on this list. 207-7911. Thanks, Steve. (14 children's names left)

Paving from Doug Thomkins
We need your help on this one, Foks! The County Transportation Committee is not the least bit interested in Archdale! You all know it's been 19 years since the last paving truck left the area (except to patch and they really do that now!) We have paid our taxes and we have a right to ask for our roads to be driveable. If I can assure Channel 2, The Forum, a good turn out, they will be here at our January meeting to cover the story of our paving problems. Also, I was told by Mr Thomkins, the C.T.C. does not like people coming to their "open to the public" meetings. . . Anyone want to go with me?

Holiday Decorations
Thanks to Eric and Linda Kohl for putting up the holiday decoration at the front entrance. Speaking of the front entrance, anyone wishing to water the flowers, please feel free to do so. We are looking into the possibility of adding a sprinkler on a water meter, but until then the plants need watering. Also if you live near the other planted areas, which were done just last month, plese help by watering them. It takes Steve about 3 1/2 hours to make the rounds alone, including going back and forth to his home to refill his water container (a trash can)!

No General Meeting this Month
No General meeting this month. Look for January announcement on Elections and Crime Watch update.

Your Local Fire Station
This season, remember the men and women at the local Fire Station. Drop off a pie or cookies or just a little something, to say Thanks for being there. It WILL be greatly appreciated.

Womens Club by Cherie Jones
Thank you to everone that purchased our hand-mad re-velvet bows to put on your mail boxes and other Christmas decorations. In case you were not aware, this is our only fund raiser and the proceeds pay for the light/electricity on the front Archdale sign. We had our December dinner meeting last wek at the downtown Charleston restaurant "82 Queen." The food and atmosphere were terrific. Our next meeting will be at 7:00 p.m., Monday, January 25th, at Enzo's, an Italian restaurant in Summerville. We'll discuss possible programs and interest while we eat. Call me at 760-1942 by Thursday, January 21st, if you can attend and to arramge car-pooling.

Judgin Christmas Decorations
Judging for the best decorated house (first and second place) and best decorated door will be held the weekend of December 19029. The winners will be presented with a yard plaque to display and a seasonal plant. In order to be selected, you must be a current member of the Archdale Civic Association. (Yards of present ACA offices and board members are not eligible.)

Treasurer's Report by Cherie Jones
Thanks to all 379 households that voluntarily contributed to the Archdale Civic Association this year. We can finally report that 50% of the residents paid $30 or more towards maintaining the common areas.

Ronald McDonal House by Margaret Childs
Mark your calendar for Tuesday, Jan. 12, when Archdale is preparing dinner for the R.M. House. The theme is "Italian" and we're again asking for food donations, enough to feed 25 people. Please call me at 760-6573, if you can help. I would like to personally thank all the families, individuals, and businesses who graciously made the Archdale commnity quarterly Ronald McDonald House dinner a huge success in October. in addition to the dinner, many of you donated much welcomed items such as cleaning supplies, tooth brushes and tooth paste, and canned foods for the pantry, Thanks again! Recognizing: Al Rector; Ann & Claire Gregowitz; Betzy Monohn; The Childs family; Dorothy Acker; Raney Mollycheck; Sandee White; Robert Heron; Jim & Michele lantry; The Murpherson family; Cherie Jone; Mark & Julie Mellinger; Kelly Beaver; Gail Emerson; The Holler family; Steve & Julie Hurley; Piggly Wiggly; Dr. Jack Condrey; Crosstown Carpet Care. Please call Margaret Childs to sign up for the January "Share a Night" dinner.

Girl Scout Newss
The Post and Courier on Monday, Nov. 30, ran an article on a local senior/cadetter troop (#653) having just commpleted an 8-week study learning about HIV and AIDS in a program the Lowcountry AIDS Services hopes will raise awareness among teens. Their leader, Carol Joyner, believes thatt they are the first troop in the United States to earn a patch in HIV-AIDS education. Congatulations.