Volume 3 Issue 6
December 1999

From the President by Jim Lantry
As this is my final newsletter as president, it has truly been an interesting year. I've made many new friends within Archdale, and unfortunately probably a few enemies too.

As a community, we've finally had some of our worst streets paved, but there are still more that need work, so that battle continues.

With few exceptions, property in Archdale continues to be very hot, with sales generally being quick. For those of you whom I've bothered about the condition of your home or violations of covenants or county ordinances, please understand that the reason for such reminders are to keep those property values rising and maintain the quality of our neighborhood.

The bi-annual clean-up was a success. We managed to trim the trees and bushes at nearly every common area, as well as plant flowers at four subdivision entrances. I would like to thank everyone who helped out. In an attempt to save money, we spread pine straw at the front entrance only, but will be doing the entire boulevard in the spring. The crepe myrtles will be trimmed later this month.

I'd like to thank the following volunteers who spent the entire day working on the neighborhood: The Kohl family (Eric and Linda Kohl, and kids Stephanie and Jessica), Jeff' Salata, Michael Boruff, the Hillery family (Mike and Suzie and kids Dakota, Skylar, T.J., Joshua, and Cassidy), Mark Mellinger, Dean and Theresa Officer. I apologize if I left anyone out, but I want to thank everyone for their hard work!

It's election time again, we will be holding elections at the upcoming general meeting, Anyone interested in the job of president or board member is asked to contact me at 552-8092or come to the meeting. As I've-said in the past, being a part of the Archdale Civic Association is not a lifetime commitment. All we ask for is a little of your free time for a one year term.We will be having at least three board openings for the next year.

Community updates
In some of the behind the scenes activities that have gone on over the last several months: (1) the switch at the front light was replaced, preventing the light from activating during the day, and keeping our electric bill down; (2) the water meter was temporarily disabled until we are financially able to connect a line to it; (3) we have continued working with the county to prevent truck parking at the front entrance; (4) I am preparing a year-end financial report due out before the first of the year; (5) we have located the owner of a vacant home on Mansfield Blvd, and are in the process of having him return to the area to do maintenance on his house .

Yard Sale
The yard sale was a bigger success than the one held last May, thanks to warmer weather. Proceeds from your $4 donations paid for the newspaper advertisement as well as for the new pine straw at the front entrance.We will continue doing bi-annual community sales, so save all those old treasures and junk for next year .

Volunteer of the Month
At the last general meeting, Bob Wyatt was announced as the volunteer of the month: Bob's work with the Cathedral of Praise, and his tireless efforts as the unpaid editor of this newsletter, more than qualify him for this small token of recognition. We thank Bob for donating his expertise, and more importantly, his time, in making his community a better place to live.

Next General Meeting
The next meeting will be held on December 14, 1999 at 7 pm at the Ashley River Fire Station. We will have an election of officers, general forum and Charles Phillips, local historian, will give a presentation on the history of the .Archdale Plantation.Please come.

Thanksgiving Food Donations by Steve Hurley
There are many families around us that have fallen on hard times.These are not lazy or degenerate people.They have simply had a rash of bad luck and need help.Through your kindness and generosity, you have helped feed 26 families this past Thanksgiving!We thank you and more importantly, THEY thank you over and over again. Of course there's one more wish.......that is to help them get through Christmas. Please, if you can donate one or two cans of food or non-perishable food stuff it really goes a long way. We will keep the donation can at the front of Archdale and continue the food drive for a couple more weeks. Archdale has a wonderful reputation for helping it's surrounding community and I am sure everyone will do their best to help.If you have any questions or would like to help in any of these projects, please feel free to give me a call at 207- 7911. Thanks Again.

Editor's Note by Bob Wyatt
Thank you for awarding me the honor of Volunteer of the Month last month.I feel it is an honor and privilege to serve you as editor of this newsletter. All of you who are involved in the .Archdale Civic Association are doing such a great job and are truly public servants.I believe our subdivisions are improving in their appearance, keeping our property values high. My thanks to all of you who are working so hard to make our community an outstanding place to live. Don't forget. We need everyone's help and financial support (just $30.00 per year).