Guest Speaker:

At the last General Meeting, we were privileged to have a guest speaker, Mr. Charles Phillips, a local history buff who has done quite a bit of research on the plantations that used to line the Ashley River. Mr. Phillips spoke specifically about the Archdale Plantation, one of the longest family owned properties in all of South Carolina. The history and stories about this land and its inhabitants, the Baker family, were quite fascinating.

Due to the low turnout at that meeting, I've asked speak again at the February meeting. If you have any interest at all in history and more specifically, the history of the land on which you now live, I urge you to attend. Mr. Phillip's talk will captivate young and old alike, and would be of definite interest to school children as well. With all the talk about preserving history and South Carolina heritage, what better way to do just that than to learn about this fascinating plantation. Who knows, that old oak tree in your front yard may be the one that Mr. Baker sat against in the 1870's following the destruction of his home in the great earthquake. It was while sitting against that oak that he observed the ghosts of relatives gone before him 'parading before his eyes.


I've recently fielded a few complaints about Archdale residents who allow their dogs to roam freely, or who walk them through the neighborhood without cleaning up after them. If you allow your dog to run free, you are violating the law. I urge all residents to report any stray animals to the Animal Control office at 832-0015. If you walk your dog on a leash, PLEASE do the right thing and clean up after your pet.


I recently was informed of a break in on Mansfield Boulevard. The best way to protect yourself from this kind of crime is to get to know your neighbors and watch out for each other. If you see something suspicious, call the Sheriff's office and let them investigate. Your tax dollars fund this service, so why not get your money's worth? One resident has offered a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who burglarized her home. Forward information to P.O. Box 40513, Charleston, SC 29423.

Truck Parking

A recent Supreme Court decision supported the county's right to enforce the ordinance regarding the parking of commercial trucks in suburban neighborhoods. If you regularly park a semi on the streets of Archdale, you are in violation of county law and need to make other arrangements or risk being ticketed and fined by the county code enforcement office. If you have a truck parking in your neighborhood, call code enforcement at 832-0013. It takes three neighbor's complaints to initiate the process, or, a letter from the civic association president. Whenever possible, I would request that homeowners take that first step. Anyone within a 1000 feet of the offending truck can initiate a complaint.

Archdale Online

Please visit the Archdale website at the address listed below. It's full of useful information including copies of the restrictive covenants and maps of Archdale streets. The web address is:


Due to a low turnout at the last meeting, elections were postponed. Therefore, we will be holding elections at the February Meeting. We have two nominations for new board members who will be presented at the meeting, but are always looking for new members, including the job of president. If you have even the slightest interest, please contact me at 552-8092.


It's time again to begin the annual fund drive for the maintenance fund. Our goal, as always, is 100% participation. We have decided not to raise dues this year in anticipation of a better rate of collection, so please do your part and send in your check today. Please mail your check for $30 to: Archdale Civic Association, PO Box 41543, Charleston, SC 29423-1543.

Financial Report

Where does that $30 you contributed go, and how much was collected over the past year? You may wonder why am always asking for people to contribute to this fund. With almost I00 residences in Archdale, surely we collect more than enough money to pay for maintenance.

Unfortunately, that is not actually the case. We had a collection rate of only 49% last year, meaning that only 382 people actually donated to the fund, raising $11,466. Add to that donations from other various groups, such as: Trident Medical Center ($1200 per year for maintenance of their property at the entrance), Baker's Landing Homeowners Association ($300), Archdale Women's Club ($100), Dr. Jack Condrey ($50), several donations of $50 each from Howard Gage for cars purchased from him at Northside Nissan, and we have a total amount collected of $13,216. Ads from the newsletter generally offset printing and postage costs, which run roughly $300 every 2 nonths. Our expenses include the following: $11,000 per year for common area maintenance, $900 per /ear for flowers at the front entrance (2 plantings per year), $213 for other flowers and supplies purchased for the fall and spring clean-ups, $300 for pine straw, $25 monthly for electricity to the light at the front entrance, approximately $100 per year for signs advertising meetings and blood drives, $90 per year for office supplies such as labels 'or the newsletters, $120 for printing and mailing of the dues collection notices, $54 to activate the water meter at the front entrance, $75 for the boulders at the front entrance. That gives us a grand total of $13,052 in expenses, leaving a whopping $164 to carry over into the new year. The projects that we could accomplish with better participation are many. If another 50 people donate this year, we could afford to actually tap into the water meter we now have. If 100 more people donate, we could professionally plant flowers at all our subdivision entrances. If 150 more donate, we could-plant more trees on the boulevard and individual common areas. And, if all 780 residents of Archdale donated to the maintenance, we could add landscape lighting and maybe even gas streetlights all the way down the boulevard (a gas line is currently in place down the entire boulevard). The possibilities are endless, but they begin with each and every one of young 5 minutes to write that check and get the ball rolling. Please do your part and contribute.