Volume 5 Issue 1
February 2001

Archdale Hall History
Last newsletter we gave a detailed description of the exterior of Archdale Hall. This month we review the home’s grand interior, based on the writings of Emma Drayton-Grimke, a descendant of the Baker family. A massive flight of brick steps led from the lawn to the main entrance on the front, and at the landing was an open brick porch with seats on either side. Over the main entrance inserted in the wall was a terra cotta cherub’s face with extended wings above a shield. The main entrance ushered one into a large room called the Hall, with a high narrow mantelpiece and monster fireplace, with a high chimney which held a fireback of wrought iron representing Mercy holding a child with an olive branch. Mrs. Grimke describes the sides of the fireplace as being lined with pink and black Dutch tiles, representing a sailors departure and return loaded with gifts for his lady, who holds out her dress to receive them. Elaborate stucco work featuring images of flowers, dentils, and Queen Anne’s Coat of Arms decorated the wall over the mantel. In the dining room was a secret closet near the fireplace, called the Well. It was in this well, which can still be seen today, that the family attempted to hide their silver from marauding British troops around the time of the revolution. That fireplace was lined with blue and white Dutch tiles decorated with images from the Bible, among other things. (next month: more descriptions of the home’s interior)

Maintenance Fund by Jim Lantry, Treasurer
It’s that time again, when we begin the arduous task of collecting annual dues for the upkeep of the common areas within Archdale. Last year we collected the $30 donation from over 60% of our residents, and this year we hope to do even better. We have decided not to raise the donation amount this year, but always appreciate those who add a little extra to their donation. Remember, the lawn maintenance alone requires at least 50% of the residents to contribute, and that doesn’t include other expenses like pinestraw and flowers. Donations are not considered tax deductible, due to the fact that we are not a charity and residents do receive some benefit from their donation. Please do your part and send in that check, made payable to: Archdale Civic Association, PO Box 41543, Charleston, SC 29423-1543.

Front Entrance
Twice this month the front entrance was the victim of wayward automobiles. One car apparently rolled over a rock, struck another, and the occupants took one of the rocks home with them. We will be replacing the missing rock soon. In another incident, a car apparently crossed the median behind the sign, damaging the turf and sideswiping a tree. The only damage to the tree was a missing patch of bark. No word on the damage to the car. Over the past year, we have developed quite a collection of various bumpers and other car parts left behind in similar collisions. Anyone who witnesses such incidents are asked to please call the Dorchester County Sheriffs office

Ronald McDonald House
The Ronald McDonald House needs volunteers to occasionally cook a meal for those families who are staying at the house with sick children. If you would be interested in volunteering, please contact Steve Hurley, at 207-7911.

Knightsbridge Property
The civic association is the owner of a small lot, unsuitable for building on Knightsbridge Rd. Archdale residents David and Tammy Karmann, whose property abuts the lot, have offered to purchase the property. If anyone else is interested in purchasing this property, or subdividing it among various adjacent property owners, please contact a board member. The deed will have restrictions prohibiting any building, and improvements can only be made with the approval of the ACA board. Proceeds will be used to help fund the state historical marker at the plantation site.

Board News
The Civic Association will hold annual elections at the next board meeting. The following board members will be up for re-election: Cheri Jones, Steve Hurley, Ann Gregowitcz, Dean Officer, and Tammy Karmann. Eric Kohl is running for treasurer. Jim Lantry will continue as newsletter editor. We still have openings for at least 4 board member positions. Several individuals have volunteered for board positions, which will be voted on at the next meeting. If you or someone you know is interested in joining the board, please contact a board member, or come to the next meeting.

Christmas 2000
A big thanks to everyone who donated food during the holiday fund drive. 56 families (over 200 people) were fed. Next year maybe we can help even more needy families. We hope you were able to get out on the boulevard and enjoy the luminaries. All materials were donated. We hope to do it again next year. Thanks to Eric Kohl for the entrance lights and decorations.

Upcoming Events
Plantation clean-up Saturday, March 3rd at 9am. Bring your clippers, chainsaws, rakes and gloves, as we try to clear the last small section of vines and undergrowth along the Mansfield Rd side of the property. Boulevard clean-up, Saturday, March 31, 9am. Meet at the front entrance. We will spread pinestraw and prepare the flower beds for spring flowers.

Archdale Web Pageby Eric Kohl
The Archdale Home page ("www.geocities.com/archdale_civic") continues to grow in size and features. Several more past issues of the Community News have been posted (eventually all issues through 1997 will be available). The guest book has been removed because of lack of use. The e-mail for Archdale Civic Association has been activated so you can now send your complaints, comments, and praises to archdale_civic@yahoo.com. With the addition of the e-mail account, a mailing list is being compiled. Those residents who have already supplied their email address to the civic association will be added to the list. This list will be used for announcing or reminding you about Association meetings, Cleanup gatherings, and other important announcements. (Your e-mail will not be provided to others and you will not receive solicitations from the mailing list). So please visit the web site and let us know what you think.

Archdale Civic Association Supportby Eric Kohl
Please come out and support YOUR civic association. If one person from 10% of the homes in Archdale showed up at the next meeting, there would be 76.8 people which would be wonderful. We only ask for about 1 hour of your time 4 nights a year, which is extremely little. Don't worry, the board members don't bite and you may learn something about the area where you live. The board tries to look out for your interest in regards to neighborhood conditions, county zoning, North Charleston tax annexation, unsightly houses, garbage dump, etc. But we need you to come to the meetings to listen so we know it matters and what else to keep an eye on.

Dorchester Road Corridor
Recently, Dorchester County Council decided to send the TOD ordinance back to committee for a tune-up. You may not know this, but most of Dorchester County has little or no zoning, including the areas surrounding the Archdale entrance. We were lucky that Trident decided to build a clinic. As it now stands, the only type of business that cannot be added to these undeveloped properties is a zoo! That means that Dorchester Rd. could be lined with bars, gas stations, or hog farms, immediately adjacent to offices, churches, daycare centers and neighborhoods. The proposed TOD ordinance would create sensible zoning requirements for developers, preventing the kind of treeless asphalt sprawl that is found on Ashley Phospahte, Rivers, and lower Dorchester Rd. North Charleston has recently taken the lead in this area, with strict development rules affecting the yet to be developed areas within the city limits on Dorchester Rd. I urge all interested residents to keep abreast of these upcoming council meetings concerning the TOD. Your support may mean the difference in the character of our end of the county for generations to come.

If you’d like to advertise your business in the Archdale Community Newsletter, contact Jim Lantry at 552-8092 or at archdale_civic@yahoo.com Advertising rates (per issue) are $25 for a small ad, $50 for a large ad. The newsletter has a circulation of 762 residents within Archdale. We are also announcing a change in policy. Previously, the civic association refused ads from similar businesses. Beginning with this issue of the Community News, we will begin accepting ads from similar, competing businesses.

There have been a few recent break-ins reported this month. These things can happen in any neighborhood, but are less likely in areas where neighbors watch out for each other. Do you know your neighbors? Do you have them watch your home and pick up your mail and newspaper when you’re out of town? If not, take a few minutes to get to know those who live near you. It may save your home from being a target.

We’ve gotten some questions about gutters recently. At the September general meeting, one resident questioned councilman Dr. Rick Brooks regarding the gutters and who is responsible for them. Dr. Brooks’ response was that residents are responsible for cleaning the gutters directly in front of their property, since the county has no street cleaner. Several similar questions have been raised more recently, but to the best of our knowledge, gutters are the responsibility of property owners.

Street Signs
Anyone who may have information regarding the templates for the Archdale street signs, please contact Jim Lantry or Dean Officer. Some signs are in need of repair or replacement, with the overall goal to have all the Archdale street signs of one uniform type.

Volunteers Needed
Volunteers are needed to help cut fabric strips into thin ribbons marking breast cancer awareness, for the annual Cooper River Bridge Run. The work can be done in the comfort of your own home. If interested, call Steve Hurley.