Archdale Civic Association

Minutes for 25-Aug-05 General Meeting

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1) The meeting was called to order by President, Carl Hoge at 7:00 with approximately15

in attendance. Board members present: Carl, Joe, Aaronette, Len, Ted, Jackie, Norman

2) The minutes of the last meeting were read by Joe Wagner, with one small correction,

(the amount for the Crime Watch was $650 not $600) approved by all in attendance.

3) Linda Galloway was absent due to illness, so Carl reviewed the Treasurers Report (see

attached sheet). There were no questions after the presentation. Accepted by all in


4) Guest Speaker: Ashley River Fire Department Chief, Scott Inabinet (7:15 – 7:35):

Scott spoke for a few moments informing us on the current situation of the ARFD. He

thanked us for being an active group. He gave us the new web address for ARFD: He mentioned the MDA solicitation at Bi-Lo, the Spaghetti

Dinner on 30-Sep, the ARFD Board meeting on 15-Sep @7:00, and the milage went up

from 14.3 to 15.0 mills. Some questions and answers followed:

- Is the EM6 unit staying at ARFD? The rapid growth has some citizens

concerned about response times. Yes for now.

- Annexation? This is a very complicated issue. It looks good, but there will be

more information in the future.

- Painting of fire hydrants? He will investigate & let us know. Some residents

would like to see them painted.

5) Presentation of thank you gift to Kristina Herold (7:35). Carl presented Kristina a

nicely framed picture of the Archdale Homestead for her work on the Main entrance

flower bed this summer. Norman took pictures to give her Coast Guard unit.

6) Old Business (7:37)

a) The percentage of residents that have paid their dues is at 51%. The web site has

the current information on exactly who has paid.

b) Carl asked if there is a woodworker that would help with the street signs.

c) Carl stated that the trash on Mulberry Ct had been removed after the owner of the

house was notified. The trash at 105 Botany Bay had been removed from the

road. It was put in the back of a pickup truck in the driveway.

d) (7:40) Lawn mowing contract discussion: The 15 Aug Board meeting was

discussed. The company (Lightning Grounds Maintenance LLC) had over

estimated the hours required to do the job. David Furguson & Rich of LGM

attended the board meeting. The consensus at the board meeting was that LGM

would make another proposal. It would be reviewed at the general meeting and a

decision made. Carl had the new proposal and stated the differences. Carl will

call LGM and clarify some points. Carl asked if the clarifications were sufficient

then could he sign the contract with LGM? Len made a motion that if Carl was

satisfied with the provision changes that he could sign the contract. All in

attendance approved this action.

Archdale Civic Association

Minutes for 25-Aug-05 General Meeting

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7) Crime Watch (7:50-8:10):

- Norman McDonald asked all if they wanted to be on the ACA Crime Watch

NEWS email list, please sign in at the table.

- The $650 that was allocated to Crime Watch pending the verification of the legal

ramifications was deemed allocated based on the report that Carl gave. Carl stated

that according to his CPA, the AVA can in fact give/allocate money to the Crime

Watch and not violate the Not-for-profit status of the ACA. Thus, Crime Watch

has a budget of $650.

- Norman stated that code enforcement is a part of the Crime Watch charter.

- Norman informed the board that a separate Crime Watch website is being

planned. Norman is working with Bob Veitch (webmaster) to have the Crime

Watch site available from the ACA site. Norman will donate the cost of the new


- There was some discussion on the topic of newsletter mailings. Norman had

wanted to save some money by proposing that only the dues paying residents

have the newsletter mailed to them thus saving some 50% on printing & mailing.

After some discussion, it was the consensus that ACA should print and mail to as

many of the residents that we have addresses to continue to keep the

neighborhood together.

- It was stated that owner/renter info can be gathered from the Dorchester County

Tax Assessor’s office website.

- Norman reminded all that crime information is available at the Dorchester

County Sheriff’s satellite office in the shopping center area off Dorchester Road

between Ladson Road & Trolley Road. Norman urged all residents to be aware

of crime in their portion of the neighborhood.

- Norman stated that there will be a Block Captain meeting before 15-Sep.

8) New Business (8:10-8:30):

a) Discussed LGM under Old Business (6d).

b) Carl stated that ACA Board elections will be held at the next General Meeting in

November. According to the Bylaws, Carl appointed a Nominating Committee

consisting of Ted, Aaronette and Jackie. Carl will not be running for President,

thus there will be one board member & the Presidents position that will need to be


c) Carl asked if we want to have a Boulevard cleanup day? Yes, 15-October 9:00 –


d) A new resident, Christa McCracken on 103 Nightingale Ct, introduced herself and

thanked the ACA board for existing. She stated that she was not aware of the

ACA and the covenants until she received the ACA Newsletter.

e) Carl mentioned the idea of combining all of the 8 different Covenants into on

official Archdale set of Covenants. There was no opposition voiced. There was a

comment about pursuing a home-owners association.

f) Norman stated that he would investigate the making of a sign that would be

permanently placed on the Boulevard that would inform everyone that Archdale

does in-fact have Restrictive Covenants.

Archdale Civic Association

Minutes for 25-Aug-05 General Meeting

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g) Carl made a motion to put off the installation of the water line at the main

entrance until later next year. All in attendance agreed.

h) Carl mentioned that ACA may want to investigate the possibility of using any

extra funds to add additional lighting on the Boulevard.

i) Aaronette asked all in attendance: What do you want the board to do? A few

suggestions were voiced.

a. Kristina Herold mentioned the idea of making/designing an Archdale car

decal that would be given to all dues paying Archdale residents. This

might be an extra incentive to get more to pay the dues.

b. Jackie O’Riley mentioned that she would like to see a walking path and a

bike lane painted along the Boulevard.

c. Others mentioned the pot hole at the front entrance needs repair. Carl said

that he would call the county.

Next General meeting will be Thursday, November 10, 2005, 7pm at the ARFD meeting

room. Next board meeting will be September 29 at 7pm at Carl’s.

Newsletter articles due NLT 15-October.


Carl Hoge President

Ted Hucks 1st VP

Joe Wagner Secretary

Len Christakos Board Member

Norman McDonald Board Member

Aaronette Stinson Board Member

Jackie O’Riley Board Member

Hap O’Riley

Susan Clark

AJ & Jean Taylor

Richard & Carolyn Reser

Wilson Feller

Kristina Herold

Eads Herold

Krista McCraken

Scott Enabinet

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45

Submitted by Joe Wagner