Archdale Civic Association

Minutes for 30-Mar-06 General Meeting

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1) The meeting was called to order by President, Norman McDonald at 7:01 with 8 Board

members in attendance. Board members present: Norman, Joe, Aaronette, Ann, Len,

Jackie, Kristina, Rich and about 15 others (list at end of report).

2) The minutes of the last meeting were read by Joe Wagner, approved by all in


3) Jackie O’Riley presented the Treasurers Report (see attached sheet). It was accepted

by all in attendance.

4) Guest Speaker: (7:41-8:10): Tom Herold introduced himself and gave a brief

biography. He has 20+ years experience in Security and Law Enforcement. Tom

introduced Susan Gillespie, The Dorchester County Crime Watch Coordinator. She

distributed the Crime Watch brochure. She urged the ACA to continue the "cleanup" so

that it does not get out-of-hand. She explained that the Dorchester County is divided into

3 regions and there are only 3 officers to patrol a very large area. Thus please be patient

with the officers. If a crime is witnessed, please safely gather as much info as possible.

This can be completed by just being observant and record item like vehicle, people and

situation descriptions. Susan showed the Dorchester County Crime Watch signs that will

be available soon from a Summerville vendor for only $58.00. A generic question was

asked from the floor. "How can we protect ourselves?" She said make your house

appear to be lived in while away on vacation or any time of absence. She suggested not

to stop the mail & newspaper, but have a trusted friend/neighbor to gather these items.

5) Old Business (7:13)

a) Membership Payments Received – 30% as of March 28; Norman reviewed that

current status of the Dues. We are somewhat ahead of last year.

b) Funding of landscaping at entrance – Below are the details:

a. $ 300.00 - Palm Tree replacement & removal

b. 440.00 – 20 yards of hardwood mulch for front area

c. 50.00 – new plants for front area

d. 260.00- additional $ for much for boulevard.

e. $1050.00 – Total to be allocated

c) Crime Watch Sign selection – Norman stated that no new Crime Watch signs

have been ordered to date.

d) Several bills were given to Jackie for payment.

6) Crime Watch – Tom Herold is our new Archdale Crime Watch representative.

7) New Business (7:28):

a) New Street Signs – Norman suggested a need for standardized street signs for a

future topic of discussion.

b) Neighborhood Clean-up; Vagrant vehicles, decaying properties, parking, grounds


Archdale Civic Association

Minutes for 30-Mar-06 General Meeting

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c) Identify Renters – Norman stated that this is being worked by President and the

Treasurer while updating the dues information.

d) Next Blvd cleanup day? Tree trimming. – Nothing was discussed on this subject.

e) Norman informed everyone about the new website (

f) The "Yard of the Month" program has been restored and will be coordinated by


g) (8:11) Norman informed all that Danny Thrower is the Dorchester County Public

Works supervisor. The street signs are not free. The ACA splits the cost 50/50

with the Public Works.

h) Aaronette stated that the Community Yard Sale would be on 6-May. She solicited

help and participation. It was stated that there would be larger signs for


Below items were topics presented from the floor after all other items had been


i) A suggestion that we have a block party or picnic.

j) A suggestion that we cleanup the pond on Knightsbridge.

k) A resident asked about covenant enforcement concerning boats and any

associated fines. Norman gave a brief explanation of the many different agencies

that govern or control specific areas of interest (i.e. vehicles, building codes,

periodic maintenance of property).

l) A resident mentioned a specific covenant violator and mentioned that the County

Code Enforcement officers are very understaffed as was the Sheriff’s Dept. He

suggested that there is "selective enforcement" of covenants/codes for this reason.

m) A complaint of children indiscriminately playing in the street.

n) A complaint of vehicles being parked in the street.

o) Aaronette informed everyone that she had learned about the Dorchester County

mailing out Resident stickers for your cars. This would allow residents access to

County recycling centers and control contractor’s dumping. No one in attendance

had heard of this activity, thus Norman was going to investigate.

p) Tom Herold had all of the "Emergency" phone number if any wanted them. We

will put them in the newsletter.

8) The next General meeting be Thursday, June 22, 2006, 7pm at the ARFD meeting

room and the next board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 27, 2006. Information

regarding future meetings will be distributed. Newsletter articles for June need to be in

NLT June 1st.

Board Attendees:

Norman McDonald President

Ann Gregowicz 1st VP

Joe Wagner Secretary

Jackie O’Riley Treasurer

Len Christakos Board Member

Aaronette Stinson Board Member

Kristina Herold Board Member

Archdale Civic Association

Minutes for 30-Mar-06 General Meeting

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Rich Lytton Board Member

Tom Herold Crime Watch Rep

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45

Submitted by Joe Wagner