Archdale Civic Association

Minutes for 10-Nov-05 General Meeting

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1) The meeting was called to order by President, Carl Hoge at 7:03 with 9 in attendance.

Board members present: Carl, Joe, Aaronette, Linda, Ann, Len, Ted, Jackie, Norman

2) The minutes of the last meeting were read by Joe Wagner, approved by all in


3) Linda Galloway was Treasurers Report (see attached sheet). It was accepted by all in


4) Guest Speaker: (7:20): Carl explained that the planned guest speaker from the

Dorchester County Animal Control was unable to attend due to illness. Carl reviewed the

Animal Control Ordinance.

Carl mentioned that the Tax maps are available online at .

He stated that we may want to check on the usage/ownership of the extra parcels of land that are

scattered around the neighborhood.

5) Old Business (7:28)

a) Lightning Ground Maintenance new contract - Carl reviewed some of the details

of the changes made to the contract.

b) Palm Tree replacement ($250) – Carl asked the Forest Hills Nursery personnel,

when was the time to replace the Palm Tree? March-April would be best. Carl

asked if we should remove the Palm tree soon. The consensus was to keep it until

it is replaced. During the discussion, Norman made a motion to purchase mulch

for the entry instead of getting pine straw. It was approved by all in attendance.

c) Carl thanked Kristina for the upkeep of the front flowerbed.

7) New Business (7:33):

a) Carl mentioned the Boulevard cleanup day would be on the 19th of Nov at 9:00.

Ideas for activities: to clean & paint the signs, prune & cleanup the trees along the


b) Carl read a note from a resident regarding the Red Tips that are on the Boulevard

but are touching her house causing mold to grow. (I have the note in my


c) Carl asked for any other areas that needed road work (pot holes filled).

6) Crime Watch (7:45):

Norman McDonald mentioned a few items of interest.

a) Sgt. Miller of the Dorchester Co Sheriff’s office would be available for future


b) The Covenant signs that Norman procured are ready. Norman will install them on

the Boulevard.

c) Norman made a suggestion that an Archdale Crime Watch website be established

& a link be put on the current website.

d) No "Crime Watch" signs have been purchased to date, however, Norman plans to

get them soon.

Archdale Civic Association

Minutes for 10-Nov-05 General Meeting

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7) New Business [Cont.] (7:48):

a) Aaronette stated that she wants to organize a group to plan a neighborhood Yard


b) Len made a suggestion that we have an annual planning meeting.

c) Carl mentioned the upcoming King’s Grant Golf Tournament for the Lawsuit


d) Carl mentioned the email from Dick Kopfmueller concerning the Dorchester

Road traffic. Kristina Herold suggested that a letter be written to the CAFB

Commander. Carl agreed to write the letter.

e) Carl mentioned that there are 2 locations where Tractor Trailer’s are parked in

driveways. Carl will write a letter to have Officer Greenhill review the

neighborhood for Code violations.

f) Richard Lytton mentioned that the Sterling Forest sign, near the duck pond on

Knightsbridge, was damaged. He stated the speed humps on Knightsbridge ware


8) ACA Board Elections (8:09)

Carl reviewed the proposed board members that were submitted by the

Nomination Committee. It was agreed that Jackie O’Riely would take the 2 year term.

There were no nominations from the floor. All of the board members were elected

unanimously with no dissentions.

New Board

Norman McDonald President

Ann Gregowicz 1st VP

Ted Hucks 2nd VP

Joe Wagner Secretary

Jackie O’Riely Treasurer (2 year term)

Len Christakos Board Member

Aaronette Stinson Board Member

Linda Galloway Board Member

Kristina Herold Board Member (new)

Richard Lytton Board Member (new)

Carl Hoge Ex-officio (Past President)

Carl suggested that the next General meeting be Thursday, January 9, 2006, 7pm at the

ARFD meeting room and the next board meeting in December 05. Information regarding

future meetings will be distributed.


Carl Hoge President

Ted Hucks 1st VP

Ann Gregowicz 2nd VP

Joe Wagner Secretary

Linda Galloway Treasurer

Archdale Civic Association

Minutes for 10-Nov-05 General Meeting

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Len Christakos Board Member

Norman McDonald Board Member

Aaronette Stinson Board Member

Jackie O’Riely Board Member

Eric Zink

Kris Herold

John Lein

Harold Eads

Carl Carter

Fred Fahney

Marita Fahney

Rich Lytton

Craig Sosebee

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20

Submitted by Joe Wagner