General Membership Meeting September 27, 2007

1) The meeting was called to order by President, Norman McDonald at 7:00 with 7 Board members in attendance. Board members present: Norman, Joe, Eric, Ted, Bob, Jackie and Carl and approximately 17 others.

2) The minutes of the last meeting were NOT read by Joe Wagner, because he forgot to print a copy & put in the notebook for the meeting.

3) Jackie O’Riley presented the Treasurers Report, Jackie distributed hard copies of the report. Jackie reported that to date, ACA has collected approximately 52% of "assessment". It was mentioned that there needs to be 20 more addresses to pay their assessment in order to fill the deficit for the year. Following a few questions, it was read and accepted by majority of attendees.

4) Larry Hargett was the Guest Speaker: Since Larry was running late, Norman continued on to Old Business (5b) and stated that when Larry arrives will stop & let him speak.

Larry arrived and addressed the ACA starting at 7:27 until 7:49. Larry made many statements about the current status of the county and some future items of interest. They are listed below:

5) Old Business (7:09-7:27 –> 7:49-8:33)

  1. (At 7:49 we returned to this discussion) New By-Laws are still under construction. Norman wanted to clarify the difference between restrictive covenants and the ACA By-Laws. Restrictive Covenants deal with the neighborhood and the By-laws deals with how the ACA board operates. ACA is comprised of 9-11 different neighborhoods with difference covenants. Within these covenants there is a capacity to modify but little or nothing about how to enforce covenants. Norman attended an Association of Property Manager’s seminar dealing with writing By-Laws last Saturday. He learned that the By-Laws were established 30 years ago and have some legal holes. There were attorneys specializing in this area, and they indicated some weaknesses. Norman is working on fixing these problem areas. The term "donation" is being replaced by "assessment". The term donation was an old term used when this was a tax deductible expense. This is no longer the case. All residents can be made to pay the assessment because they "derive benefit" from the situation. It is the responsibility of the buyer to investigate assessments & covenants. Since the "Covenants" sign has been installed, this is all that is required to inform all that they exist. A provision for assessment enforcement needs to be added to the By-Laws. This issue is being worked. The term "Dues" is still on the web-site. Bob said that he will work on removing is term. Some recent house closings have yielded some residents paying back "assessments" at closing. Liens do not show up in title searches, thus we do not use them. There is a plan to get a new covenant sign with $50 on it.
  2. Contract renewed for 2008 mowing at the same price: Norman explained that the board had discussed and approved the extension of the current lawn mowing contract through next August.
  3. A question was asked, about the status of the storm drains on Archdale Boulevard? Can we get them cleaned out? Norman stated that he would investigate.

  4. We have had requests from ARFD to send emails to the community. This is a very efficient method of information distribution.

6) New Business (7:18-7:27 -> 8:34-8:45):

  1. Nominating Committee: Since Carl needed to leave soon for work, he needs 3 new nominees.
  2. Carl stated that he is the DCCN (Dorchester County Corridor of Neighborhoods) rep. The updates to those meeting are distributed via email.
  3. The Commons of Archdale: There have not been any sales due to no insurance company wants to be the first to insure in an area.
  4. Crime Watch: What is happening? Nothing because Tom had moved a few months ago. After the new board is in place, we should have some activity. Larry Hargett mentioned that there are "off-duty" police officers that can be hired at $20/hour to help traffic enforcement. King’s Grant subdivision has successfully employed this technique.

e) Larry asked Norman to invite Officer Mike Miller to a future General meeting.

The next General meeting be TBA (Thursday 13 December, 2007,) 7pm at the ARFD meeting room and the next board meeting is scheduled for TBA (Wednesday, Dec 5th 2007). Newsletter articles for the next Newsletter need to be submitted to NLT 1 November 2007.

Board Attendees:

Norman McDonald President,  Joe Wagner Secretary,  Ted Hucks Board Member,

Carl Hoge Board Member, Bob Veitch Board Member, Eric Zink Board Member, Jackie O’Riley Board Member

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45

Submitted by Joe Wagner