General Membership Meeting Minutes

June 29th, 2006

1) The meeting was called to order by President, Norman McDonald at 7:04 with 7 Board members in attendance. Board members present: Norman, Joe, Aaronette, Jackie, Ted, Kristina, Tom and 3 others (list at end of report).

2) The minutes of the last meeting were read by Joe Wagner, approved by all in attendance.

3) Jackie O’Riley presented the Treasurers Report . It was accepted by all in attendance.

4) Guest Speaker: (7:17-8:10): Norman introduced the guest speaker, Mr. Emerson B. Read of the "". Mr. Read spoke for about 50 minutes. He explained some of the many political plans & schemes that had been in the works over the last year or so leading up to the signing of the Property Tax changes by Governor Sanford in May. You can learn more about the Property Tax situation by referring to No Home Tax website.

5) Old Business (8:13)

  1. Membership Payments Received – Norman shared the current status of the receipts is 54% as of June 29th.
  2. Norman updated all that to date there has been 8 vagrant cars removed.
  3. The Newsletter printing bill from Accuprint was given to Jackie for payment.
  4. Norman had stated that the Late Notices have been mailed.

6) Amendments to the By-Laws and Constitution (8:16): Norman distributed a copy of the current ACA Constitution & By-Laws for review and comments of proposed changes.

7) New Business (8:20):

  1. New Street Signs – Norman stated that a list of streets needing new signs has been started.
  2. The "Yard of the Month" program has been restored and will be coordinated by Kristina.

8) Crime Watch (8:25) – Tom Herold is our new Archdale Crime Watch representative.

  1. Carl asked about the rumored recent break-ins. According to Tom none reported.
  2. Tom reviewed a few items of interest.
    1. There had been an increase in patrols by the North Charleston PD due to new inexperienced officers.
    2. There has been an increase in mail thefts. Tom urged all residents to mail using the Post office. He plans to ask for a US Post drop box to be installed somewhere in the Archdale area.
    3. There are some active drug investigations ongoing in the area according to SLED.

9) Ed Davis informed all that the Dorchester 2 School District allowed the some schools to be annexed into North Charleston. The schools are Windsor Hill ES, Fort Dorchester ES, and the 2 new schools on Apian Way. He also informed all that the County & Fire budgets had been passed.


The next General meeting be Thursday, September 14, 2006, 7pm at the ARFD meeting room and the next board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 7, 2006. Newsletter articles for the September Newsletter need to be submitted to NLT September 1st.

Board Attendees:

Norman McDonald President

Joe Wagner Secretary

Jackie O’Riley Treasurer

Ted Hucks Board Member

Aaronette Stinson Board Member

Kristina Herold Board Member

Tom Herold Crime Watch Rep

Other Attendees:

Bob Veitch

Carl Hoge

Ed Davis

Scott Inabinet

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55

Submitted by Joe Wagner