Minutes of Archdale Civic association Meeting

June 25, 2009

The meeting was opened by our President, Eric Zinc at 7:00 pm

The minutes were read by VP Norman McDonald due to the absence of Secretary Joe Wagner, the motion was made and voted upon to accept them as read.

The Treasurer's report was presented by President Zinc due to Treasurer Jackie O'Riley's absence due to illness.

Past Due ACA Dues notices will go out in about a week instead of as announced at the last General Meeting. 48% of people are current with their dues.

We enjoyed 2 guest speakers; Dorchester County Councilman Larry Hargett accompanied by Dick Byrd, Director of Dorchester County Public Works who addressed work accomplished by April, 09 in Archdale. This includes 3 miles of "pulling" drainage ditches. Mr. Byrd's Email address is rbyrd@dorchestercounty.net for sending pictures to.

He asked that the list of desired Street Name Signs be resubmitted in priority order and it was decided to do the major cross streets off of Archdale Blvd be done first.

As regard to street resurfacing, the County's priority list governs which streets will be "overlayed" first and will be funded by CTC (County Transportation Committee) headed by Bill Cox. The 2.6 cents per gallon of gas tax for fuel purchased in Dorchester County goes to this fund.

Thus far, $250K is committed to Archdale over the next 4 years. Palmetto Bluff Ct. will be first.

Mosquito abatement was discussed and it was explained that unlike yesteryear, the sprayers are more silent and it is odorless. However, the abatement effort is ongoing on a routine basis and the sprayers work all night.

Coosaw Point was discussed by Councilman Hargette, a newly established area of which Archdale is a part. There is also a Coosaw Point Association consisting of businesses within this new area. This is not a tax district or restrictive organization. Rather, it is an effort to bring business and growth to our area. It is hoped to have a Farmers Market set up by next month behind the old Bi-Low on the same 2 acres of land traditionally used by the various vendors specific times of the year such as July 4th and Christmas.

It was suggested that Dennis Clark (dclark@dorchestercounty.net), Director of [Emergency] Preparedness be invited to our next General Meeting to provide info on such services provided by the County and assists in local training. It was suggested that a National Guard representative also be invited and President Zinc will follow through on that.

Under Old Business we discussed the new Meeting Announcement signs that are periodically posted on Archdale Blvd.

Another Old Business item would have been Street Name Signs, but this was already covered by Dick Byrd from Dorchester County.

The President introduced the concept of using an attorney to assist in collecting past due assessments. It was decided to wait until the results of the Past Due notices can be evaluated.

It was announced that SCE&G is in the process of rewiring Archdale. This is being done by a contractor - in manageable segments and this should be completed within several months.

Carl Hoge inquired if we could get some people out to trim Archdale Blvd and other areas identified where branches are overhanging the roadways. President Zinc said he would look for volunteers via Email and see what can be put together.

National Night Out was brought up and it was agreed to have our Crime Watch Coordinator look into possibilities.

The meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm

The next General Meeting will be held Sept 24, 2009.