ACA General Membership Meeting

March 26, 2009

The meeting opened at 7:00 pm as scheduled with a Quorum present including 7 of 10 Board Members [Eric Zinc, Norman McDonald, Robert Veitch, John Frutchey, Jackie O'Riley, Jennifer Wallace and Charles Ramsey] for a total meeting population of 14.
The minutes from the December 2008 meeting were not availbale due to the Secretary's absence.
The Treasurer's Report was accepted as presented.
The return rate of paid Assessment Notices discussed as were delinquent assessments, with specific emphasis on property liens and letters of warning in the Past Due Notices that will go out in approximately 14 days.
Deputy Gombar of the Dorchester County Sheriff's Department spoke briefly on Crime Watch and explained that Capt. Decker is in charge of Dorchester County Sheriff's Community Services, a department which includes Crime Watch headed by Lt William Bense as County Coordinator.  Both can be reached at telephone number 832-0300 and asking for them by name.
Deputy Gombar handed out Crime Watch Complaint Forms to all in attendance.  These can be filled out and either Fax'd or mailed to the  Sheriff's Office attention to bring incidents to their attention not requiring a urgent response, but requires awareness.  A discussion ensued with Deputy Gombar answering questions from those in the audience on numerous incidents and potential enforcement issues.
Under Old Business, the repaired Archdale Entrance sign was dicussed as were the past installation of the 2009 Board Officers.
The topic of installing new Street Name Signs was discussed.  At the County's request, needed intersection signs were ordered in April 2008.  However, recent correspondence indicates a new [County] stance that they will not replace signs that were originally installed by developers, even if they do not conform to current standards of reflective white lettering on a green field.  Archdale's 35 year-old-signs are not reflective and difficult to see at night and this contributes to delayed arrivals of First Responders to 911 calls.  This subject will be revisited at the next General Meeting once a final decision from the County is announced and realistic prices can be identified.
It was announced that the next General Meeting would be conducted on June 25th, 2009.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.