Minutes of Archdale Civic Association August 2004 Meeting

Carl Hoge called the meeting to order at 7:00.
The treasurer’s report was deferred until Linda arrived to the meeting (about 7:50).

The old business started at 7:02 concerning the speed humps that were installed on Knightsbridge. Rich Lytton of 236 Knightsbridge presented a petition for removal of the speed humps that contained 34 signatures. Carl Hoge read the email that was sent to Carl by Pat and Debbie St. Romain of 133 Botany Bay Blvd stating their approval of the speed humps that were installed on Botany Bay. Cal thanked them for their input and voiced his approval of the speed humps. Mrs. Street of 220 Knightsbridge voiced her opposition to the speed humps. Rich Lytton voiced his opposition to the speed humps, stating that some drivers are using them for ramps in which to jump with cars. Rich thinks that stop signs would be a better solution. Steve Hurley asked who decided to install the speed humps? The only answer given was that a past board members and some county official. Rich wanted a little more time to gather signatures on the petition, and then he wanted to present it to the ACA board. Adam Burns asked: Why were we (the board) discussing this issue, since this is something that should go to the County? If the petition is presented to the ACA board then it will be forwarded to the County.
At 7:13, Carl thanked Bob Veitch for working of the ACA website.

Discussion continued at 7:15 about the stop signs, Carl stated that Mr. Thrower’s department of the Dorchester County of Public Works has started a study about the feasibility of stop signs.

At 7:20, Carl read the list of addresses that were omitted from the list that was printed in the ACA Community News.

At 7:23, Norman McDonald gave an update about the Crime Watch. He was unable to make contact with the Dorchester County Crime Watch representative. Thus the National Night Out activity was not observed in Archdale. Norman described the difficult process that is needed to gather the crime information from the daily logs at the Dorchester County Office.

At 7:29, Carl passed out maps with roads identified for repavement. Carl asked for any input on the areas to be paved. Adam Burns voiced his concern that any additional paving should not be done without some grinding down of the existing pavement.

At 7:34, Carl announced that election of new board members would be held at the next general meeting in November.

At 7:35, Carl asked that all residents refrain from mowing common areas for insurance reasons and because ACA has a contract with Lawns by Design.

At 7:37, Gary Lester voiced his opposition to the parking on common areas near Steve Hurley’s house. Steve Hurley commented on issues of common area use. Steve also mentioned the RVs are to be parked behind the houses. Discussion followed about the Lester’s approaching Code Enforcement and Sheriff. The result was that the ACA board was not going to involve itself in neighbor-to-neighbor disagreements.

At 7:48, Carl brought up the subject of house numbers not being visible on the house or mailbox from the road. A possible solution is to contact Code Enforcement or Post Office.

The common areas will be mowed on Monday.

Carl may be able to get the dead palm tree at the front of the subdivision for a good discount.

Suggestions for solicitation requests for getting dues paid.

Adam Burns called Rene McMaster’s regarding Bakers Landing dues. Rene is upset about the slow response from ACA board.

At 7:51, Linda Galloway gave the treasurer’s report. Current banking balance is $6860.80 plus $30.00 that she just received. $13,425 has been spent so far this year. There are 788 residents in Archdale and 340 residents had paid their dues. That is about 43% of the residents have paid.

At 8:04, Carl adjourned the meeting.

Submitted Joe Wagner

Approved by Board 10-7-04