ACA Minutes February 2005

Minutes of Archdale Civic Association February 2005 Meeting

The Meeting was called to order by President, Carl Hoge at 7:03 with approximately 19 in attendance. The minutes of the last meeting were read by Joe Wagner, approved by all in attendance.

Linda Galloway was absent, so Carl read the Treasurers Report (see last page). There were no questions after the presentation.

Old Business:

Carl updated everyone on the stop signs. They may be installed soon. Carl circulated the list of stop sign locations. Ed Davis asked if the State Highway Dept Dist 6 were going to "barcode" the stop signs? This would allow for some tracking if removed. We (the board) did not have an answer. Ed seemed to think that we could request this to be done. This is being investigated. The speed humps were asked about. There is no word at this time from the County Officials on the removal. Carl stated that Annette Young had proposed an ordinance to let the Neighborhood regulate speeds within the state. Carl was to locate more information on this subject.

Last year 43% paid dues, Carl hoped to have 50% pay this year. Carl stated that the one dead palm tree was replaced at cost. Carl mentioned that Bob Veitch was the webmaster of the http:// website. Do we want a new web site? Such as: ??? At this time Corwyn Melette, a Real Estate Agent from Mount Pleasant was in attendance, and stated that he had setup a website ( We were invited to investigate this site & see if it would be something that we would want to use.

Crime Watch (7:30-7:50): Norman McDonald informed us that the Crime Watch group is started. We have 2 new Crime Watch signs that need to be installed. Norman has researched this and discovered that the install will be a more difficult than first thought.

Susan Mueller told of the break-ins at her home in the very recent past. During this discussion several items were mentioned: Want to know the status of the house on Dorchester Ct that burned at Christmas? Want to know the status of the back account/holdings of the old Crime Watch group from several years ago? Action to contact Cheri Jones. Want to know why the bus was making so many "unscheduled" stops on the Botany Bay route?

Want to know why the North Charleston Parks & Recreation sign was allowed to stay on the right side of the Archdale boulevard for so long, advertising the baseball signup?

Code violations:

135 Botany Bay has a pod & boat in the driveway.
118 Botany Bay the garage doors are almost falling off.
New Business (7:53):
Carl mentioned that the flowers need replacing. Carl stated that the dues are due. We will be sending out the notices in the new "window" envelopes soon. Carl stated that the may have enough money to get a watering system in at the front of the subdivision. It was the consensus that, if we have a good dues turn out that we support the watering system, but would like to wait to see the value of the bids.

Carl mentioned that the Dorchester Corridor Coalition of Neighborhoods (DCCN) would like us to support the new zoning ordinance for the Ashley River corridor. They are afraid more homes west of the Ashley will put even more traffic on Dorchester Road.

Aaronette Stinson will coordinate the block party planned for August. Carl mentioned that we need an editor for the news letter. Josh Petersen will be moving soon and that his position will need to be filled.

Next General meeting will be May 26, 2005, 7pm at the Fire Dept.

Next board meeting will be March 17 at 7pm at Carlís.

Carl Hoge President
Joe Wagner Secretary
Len Christakos Board Member
Norman McDonald Board Member
Aaronette Stinson Board Member
Josh Petersen Board Member (leaving)
W. Eric Zink
Richard Reser
Carolyn Reser
Eabs Harold
Curtiss Davis
Ed Davis
Rich Lytton
Susan Mueller
Michelle Aucoin
Bob Veitch
James Wigfall
Alphalyn Wigfall
Corwyn Melette

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20
Submitted by
Joseph Wagner
ACA Secretary

Treasurerís Report as of February 23, 2005
Started year with: $3816.76
Stop Sign costs: -331.92
Two months Lawn Care: -1900.00
Replace Palm Tree: -145.00
SCE&G: -66.00
Deposits: 650.00
Balance to date: $2023.84

Submitted by:
Linda Galloway
ACA Treasurer