Archdale Civic Association Board Meeting
20 June 2005

1. Open meeting 7 pm at 211 Old Dominion Dr. Attendees: Carl, Ted, Joe, Aaronette, Norman, Jackie, Len, Kristina Herold 7:00-7:30 – Since Kristina was there, we moved to item 5c. Kristina presented here plan for the re-configuration of the entrance flower bed. 2. Treasurer Report by Linda Galloway 7:30 - Linda was not present. Carl reviewed report. 3. Old Business a. Water system on hold b. Dues letter update c. Progress on setting up Archdale Day Out and also sub-division yard sale. 7:33-7:43 Aaronette is working on the yard sale. It will be July 16, 2005 at 7:00 – 12:00 d. Money for Crime Watch 7:43 According to Carl’s CPA, the ACA can give money to Crime Watch. 4. Crime Watch – Norman McDonald. - After some discussion. Crime Watch meeting on Thursday @ 6:30. The National Night Out will be in August. 5. Open Forum a. Any problems brought to attention of Board Members b. Thanks to the following 9 people for helping at the Blvd. Clean-up day. Carl & Kathy Hoge, Ted & Eleanor Hucks, Linda Galloway, Len Christakos, Jackie O’Riley, Tim Schnaible and Kristina Herold. c. Give Kristina Herold money to fix up the entrance per her plan. d. Property Info - Log all communication with residents. Carl gave a sample of a communication letter. e. 201 Old Dominion update: - This house has been abandoned for a while. The house has been sold & is getting cleaned up. f. ACA have received the tax bill for the 2 parcels of property. g. Carl went over some emails/letters that he has received. - Scottswood drive would like a speed hump. - Stop sign at Archdale and Old Dominion. h. 8:08-8:25 – A discussion of the ACA bylaws. Does ACA have authority? Board? Norman questioned the location of the past minutes, general meeting operating policies.
Is ACA tax exempt? 6. Newsletter – Articals due 1 August 7. Other items 8. Next General Meeting scheduled for 25 August 2005, 7 pm at Fire Dept. & next board meeting scheduled for Thursday, 29 Sep. 2005. Joe Wagner read the old minutes from the past 2 board meetings. Closed at 8:57