Archdale Civic Association General Membership Meeting
November 4th, 2004

The Meeting was called to order by President - Carl Hoge at 7:05.

The minutes of the last meeting were acknowledged, but not read by approval of all in attendance.

Carl introduced the special guest speakers Officer Mike Miller and Susan Gillespie. Officer Miller is the Dorchester County Crime Watch Liaison and Susan is the Volunteer Coordinator.

Linda Galloway presented the Treasurers Report (see attached sheet). There were no questions after the presentation.

Old Business:

  1. Carl stated that the petition for the removal of the speed humps, that was presented to the ACA Board in August, was sent to Mr. Thrower’s office, with no response form the his office.
  2. Carl read the letter from Doug Tompkins office stating that we (ACA) would need to pay 50% of the cost of installation of the stop signs. Discussion ensued. Ted Hucks would like to have Carl call & inquire if another deal may be reached. Norm McDonald stated that he supports the proceeding with the purchase of the signs. Carl took the action item to contact some county officials. Norm McDonald made a motion to approve the acquisition of the stop signs at the price mentioned ($331.92 total) if that is the best deal that is available. It was approved by all in attendance, no opposition.
  3. No comments on this subject.

Crime Watch (7:21-8:05):

Carl turned the meeting over to Officer Miller and Susan Gillespie at 7:21. Officer Miller provided an introduction and many sets of crime statistics from the County database about the Archdale subdivision. There was a concern voiced that "How do we facilitate crime prevention in our neighborhood?" Officer Miller stated that we need to be "aware" & "concerned" neighbors.

Susan Gillespie, the volunteer coordinator, told her story of why she got more involved in "Crime Watch". She unveiled the newly created "Crime Watch" signs costing $58.00. She informed us that Sheriff Nash will give 2 signs to each new "Crime Watch" group that is formed. We formalized a Crime Watch group. Norm McDonald is the Coordinator & Joe Wagner is the Secretary. Norm gathered 8 names for Block captains after the meeting.

New Business (8:05-8:10):

  1. Carl introduced Bob Veitch the Webmaster.
  2. Carl thanked Mrs. Lester for donating money for the flowers at the main entrance. Mr. Court Lamaistre from the Medical Center gave permission for us to us the water supply to water the flowers & other plants at the main entrance.
  3. Carl informed the meeting about the Dorchester Corridor Coalition of Neighborhoods (DCCN). He told of the rezoning issues & the rumored land fill or dump behind the Coosaw Creek area.


Carl read the names of the board members and commented about the duties.

It was agreed that the list of ACA board would be as follows:

Carl Hoge President

Ann Gregowicz 1st VP

Ted Hucks 2nd VP (2 year term)

Joe Wagner Secretary

Linda Galloway Treasurer

Steve Hurley Board Member

Len Christakos Board Member

Norman McDonald Board Member

Aaronette Stinson Board Member

Josh Petersen Board Member

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20