Archdale Civic Association Board Meeting Minutes

September 19, 2007

Meeting opens at 7:30 to 8:55

Members: Ted, Bob, Eric, Norman, Jackie, Joe & Carl

Treasurer’s report has been distributed.

Old Business:

Yard-of-the-month: The sign has been misplaced/lost/stolen. There have been no nominations, lately since Kris left. Norman will get a new sign.

Assessment Collection: See report for complete details. It was decided that the initial assessment notices should go out in January and then the 3 late notices.

By-Laws Construction: It was discussed that the HOA’s can enter a lien on property in the "book" at the RMC office. Norman is planning to attend a seminar for HOA’s in Murtle Beach on Saturday 22-Sep-07.

Next General meeting is Thursday 27-Sep-07 @ 7:00

New Business:

Newsletter: We discussed the need to get one out before the next General meeting on 13th Dec. Joe will continue to publish the newsletter. Thus, Info will be due 1st Nov to him. The next board meeting will be 5th Dec.

Boulevard cleanup: Schedule at the general meeting.

Enforcing Covenants: how? Norman is working on this issue.

Signage 25 MPH: There was some discussion about the enforceability? After discussion it was agreed that, Yes, we (ACA) does want the sign. Norman will contact Dorchester Public Works to start this process.

Award Lawn Mowing Contract: Contract expired on 1-Sep; pros and cons discussion ensued; there was a motion to continue the contract with the current contract. Majority approved.

Form 2008 Nomination Committee: Carl is the chair of the Nominating committee. We need to fill 3 positions on the board.

Insurance: Norm is continuing the investigation on this issue.

Light @ Front: Carl to continue to work on this.