Minutes of ACA Board April 2005 Meeting

We met at Carl Hoge’s house. The Meeting was called to order by President - Carl Hoge at 7:10.

Attendees: Carl Hoge, Ted Hucks, Linda Galloway, and Norman McDonald.

Old Business:
Minutes from the last meeting was approved.

Stop Signs:
Carl noted that the stop signs were installed last week, some stolen over the weekend and were to be replaced by the County tomorrow. The County will place the new signs in concrete.

Dues Letter Update:
The dues notices had been mailed out last week and we hope to see replies coming in soon.

New Business:
The board discussed the proposal from David Ferguson of Lighting Grounds Maintenance for the grounds maintenance. With prior e-mail approval from Joe Wagner and Ann Gregowicz, the board unanimously approved the new contract with David Ferguson. Due to notice required to the present contractor, we expect him to start June 1, 2005.

Barbara J. Snow-Contrell of 108 Lancelot Hall in Sterling Forest, had contacted Carl and expressed interest in the possibility of becoming a board member. She indicated she would attend this meeting but did not show up. We hope to hear from her again.

Other Items:
The next General Meeting is scheduled for 26 May 05 at the Fire Department, and the next board meeting will be on 30-Jun-05

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40.

Submitted by,

Carl Hoge