Date: 30 April 2001
Type: Board Meeting
Place: 5421 Roxbury Drive
Time: 7:00

Attendies: Eric Kohl, Jim Lantry, Larry Galbraith, Dale Gardner, Ann Gregowitcz, David Jones (In lieu of Cherie Jones), and Ron Byr (late comer).

Discussion was made concerning ACA lot on Knightsbridge lot. First discussion concerned on whether to keep the lot for future use or release the lot (part or all) to private individual. Arguements included purpose of donation, future possibilities, cost of keeping it, and Archdale residents concern. Vote was taken on keeping the lot for future possibilities, 6 of 6 agreed to keep lot as is for time.

The project at Oaks of Archdale sign area was discussed. The plan is to remove the border grass and juniper on the lower level of the front island and plant sod. The second island has already been cleared and leveled. The second island will also be sodded but will also receive a live oak in the center and two small crepe myrtles on each end. This plan is consistant with the ACA of developing a low maintenance areas due to extremely limited funding and volunteer manpower. A cleanup with several of the board members will be held on Saturday, May 5 at 9:00. Eric will rent a small backhoe (about $100) to handle the back breaking work .

Historical marker funding stands at $550 with another $100 pledged. Total cost will be around $1100. Jim Lantry and Dale Gardner will be trying to get remaining funding from local businesses. A dedication party will be planned at a later date after marker has been purchased.

Current funds will allow cutting through June 30. Maintenance funds are desperately needed. Jim Lantry will post thermometer on boulevard to generate some revenue (to be removed around May 30). Notice will be made in the next newsletter. Around June 1, bills will be mailed to residents who have not paid. Eric has posted the thermometer on the web page also. If you click on the thermomete, a montly balance sheet will be displayed. This shows the balance at the end of the months to date. Steve Hurley was nominated to find guest speaker.

General meeting was planned for May 29. The meeting date was determined by scheduling before end of school year but after newsletter could be delivered.

Newsletter will be mailed around May 20. This will make sure it is received by the residents several days before the meeting. Eric Kohl to submit Treasury Report and Oaks of Archdale Project articles to Jim Lantry.

The lack of ACA President was discussed. Eric said there was no problem with him acting as the adhoc president as long as he didn't have to take the phone complaints (due to stress factor and his past heart attack). Eric will call and host both the board and general meetings.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00