Minutes of ACA Board December 2004 Meeting

We met at Carl Hoge’s house. The Meeting was called to order by President - Carl Hoge at 7:05.
Attendees: Carl Hoge, Ann Gregowicz, Ted Hucks, Joe Wagner, Aaronette Stinson and Josh Petersen.
Treasurer Report: Linda was not present but had sent a spreadsheet detailing the expenses. (see attached)
Old Business:
Speed Humps: there has been no word from the County and to date they have not been removed. Stop Signs: Carl made a motion to send the money ($331.92) to the County to get the Stop signs installed. The motion was passed by all attendees after short discussion. The stop sign at Knightsbridge & Mansfield is missing.

Palm Tree replacement: Carl has been talking with the company to get the tree replaced, to date the tree had not been replaced.
Crime Watch: No report from Norm. Joe Wagner informed all attendees of the Crime watch meeting and the we have several block captains, but no meeting date set.
Open Forum: Carl had invited Deneen Sorensen to talk about "drugs in the neighborhood" but she did not attend.
Carl mentioned that we, as a board, may want to get a memento for Shelly for all of her work for ACA. The discussion leaned toward giving her one of the Archdale plantation prints. Ann will get with Dale Gardner in an attempt to locate the prints.
Web Site: Some discussion. Want to know the pros & cons of the new site if any.
Signs in the common areas: The covenants state that only 1 sign with limitations.
Newsletter: Articles due ASAP. Josh will contact Shelly about the newsletter.
Aaronette wanted to see if there was some interest in having a Block Party and/or a yard sale in the spring.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:50.