Archdale Civic Association Board Meeting
20 June 2005

1. Open meeting 7 pm at 211 Old Dominion Dr. Attendees: Carl, Ted, Joe, Aaronette, Norman, Linda, Ann, Jackie, David Furguson and Rich of Lightning Grounds Maintenance. Since David & Rich were present, we started on item 4a (contract discussion). Carl read the letter from David to ACA out loud. David explained the reason for the desire to cancel the contract. He explained the hours that were used to complete the task. Initially, the hours were high due to excess edging that was needed (due to neglect in that area in the past). According to David, he did think that the total hours would decrease after the initial work was complete. After a direct question by Norman, What happened? David stated that the hours were too high to make a profit due to the gross under estimation of the hours required to complete the assigned tasks. It seamed that there was a consensus from that ACA board members that, we would like to work out the problems. Ted suggested that some changes may be made to length of contract (7 months) and/or the cost. David will have a re-proposal ready by Friday 19-Aug-05. We all thanked David & Rich for coming and talking to us and they left at 7:45. After they left, there was some more discussion by no definitive points were made. 2. Treasurer Report by Linda Galloway Linda gave us verbal confirmation that the data that we had received for the newsletter was up to date. 3. Old Business a. None Carl asked if he could contact Forest Hills Nursery concerning the palm tree replacement. We agreed. Carl reminded all that ACA board elections are in Nov and the he will not be running for President. 4. New Business a. Lightning Grounds Maintenance Contract problems b. Picture for Kristina Herold for Entrance work Carl showed all of the board members the framed Archdale Homestead print that he would like to give to Kristina for here work on the front sign area. Carl is preparing some metal plates to be applied to the print prior to presentation on Thursday 25th. c. Draft procedures for neighbor complaints Carl gave us a draft copy of a proposed “Complaint Procedures”. We are to review & comment. 5. Open Forum a. Any problems brought to attention of Board Members Carl stated that he had reviewed all of the sets of covenants and the Brookshire covenants were the only one that specified $100 dues. There was some returned mail shown. Some scattered discussion about the questionable use of the delinquency notices that were mailed out last month by Norman. It was agreed that we (ACA) should ask the Baker’s Landing Home Owners Association for $35/lot to assist in the maintenance of the rest of Archdale. Carl would write a letter to that effect. Norman mentioned that he had talked to some experts on the subject of covenant consolidations. He thought that we should review & consolidate all 8 or so sets into 1 set that applies to all of Archdale. This may need to be a topic of future General meetings. We closed at 8:25. 6. Next General Meeting scheduled for 25 August 2005, 7 pm at Fire Dept. & next board meeting scheduled for Thursday, 29 Sep. 2005.