Minutes of ACA Board March 2005 Meeting

We met at Carl Hoge’s house. The Meeting was called to order by President - Carl Hoge at 7:07.

Attendees: Carl Hoge, Ann Gregowicz, Ted Hucks, Joe Wagner, Len Christakos, and Linda Galloway.

David Furguson of Lightning Grounds Maintenance was in attendance to introduce himself and give a briefing on his services. He plans to present a bid for the grounds maintenance.

Treasurer Report: Linda presented a spreadsheet detailing the current status. (see attached) We are far behind dues collections compared with last year. It was noted that the dues request mailing has not occurred at this time. It was assumed that Norm McDonald was to mail out the dues notices.

Old Business:
Stop Signs: Carl attempted to make contact with the County concerning the installation of the stop signs. There has been no return of information from the County.

Water system update: Carl has gathered many details on the water meter at the front of the subdivision. Mr. Cook has a bid of $400 to run the line from the meter. There will be $25 fee from CPW to re-activate the meter. He will get more information/bids on the running of the water line under the road.

Dues letter update: It was Carl’s assumption that Norman was going to do more about getting the dues letter composed and sent out.

Possible memento for Shelly: This was abandoned due to the lack of communications with Shelley.
Possible new web site: This does not seem to be very important. The website that was "proposed" by the realtor Corwyn Mellete does not seem to offer much more than what we already have.

Archdale Day Out: Aaronette was not in attendance so we will get an update at the next meeting.

Crime Watch: No report from Norm. Norman was attending the Dorchester County Volunteer banquet.

Open Forum: Carl had invited Deneen Sorensen to talk about "drugs in the neighborhood" but she did not attend. This item will be dropped from the list.

Signs in the common areas: The covenants state that only 1 sign with limitations. Carl has asked for someone to write an article with these details.

Newsletter: Carl asked for volunteers to be the editor of the Newsletter. Joe Wagner will be the editor. Carl will email Joe the information in his possession. The newsletter articles need to be in by 1 May and mailed NLT 16 May in order to insure delivery to all of the residents by 26 May. Carl suggested that an Advertisement Coordinator by located.

Other Items: We need to solicit for a new board member to replace Josh Peterson. The next General Meeting is scheduled for 26 May 05 at the Fire Department. And the next board meeting will be on 30-Jun-05 The meeting was adjourned at 8:20. Summitted by, Joe Wagner Secretary