ACA Board Minutes for March 2008

The Archdale Civic Association Board of Directors met this evening, as announced, at the Ashley River Fire Station. There was a Quorum present.

Items discussed included;

1. The Archdale Newsletter. Frequency of and possible limited distribution to Voting Members in Good Standing - Only. The continued acceptance of advertising was questioned.

2. Delinquent Assessments and mailing of Past Due notices plus how to inform residents that payment of Assessments is not voluntary. Placing liens on Delinquent properties will continue and Credit Bureau notification is beyond our purview.

3. Resurfacing identified streets.

4. Progress with SCE&G regarding installation of lighting on Archdale Blvd. and other strategic locations about the neighborhood. Cost analysis and realization that this will be a 100% Civic Association funded project.

5. Replacement of light fixture at main entrance sign.

6. Replacement of Crime Watch signs, including new poles.

7. Additional new (conforming) street signs at Archdale Boulevard intersections to aid Emergency Responders. This will be on a cost-share-basis with Dorchester County Public Works.

8. Improvements at Archdale Manor (the old plantation house) by volunteers continues. They meet each Sunday at 1:30 pm each Sunday. Coordination will be made with Dorchester County Public Works for curb-side debris removal. A source of power tools has been identified. All possible assistance is needed and welcomed.

9. Daily trash pick-up on Archdale Blvd and elsewhere around the neighborhood continues on a daily basis. Not all debris is attributable to the School Buses because many beer cans are picked up, too. Locations of apparent drinker gatherings were discussed as indicated by heavier collection and make-shift seating in those areas. These include under the Red Tips on Archdale Blvd, behind the Sterling Forest and Bakers Landing signs, to name a few. Crime watch will share this info with the Sheriff's Department with the assumption that the offenders are minors.

The next General Meeting of the Archdale Civic Association will be held on 2/26/08 at the Ashley River Fire Station at 7:00 pm. All Voting Members in Good Standing are encouraged to attend. Verification of Voting eligibility will be verified at the door.

Norman N. McDonald
President, Archdale Civic Association