Archdale Civic Association

Board Meeting Minutes

29 September 2005

Meeting was opened at 7:05 pm at 211 Old Dominion Dr. The following members attended:

Carl Hoge

Ted Hucks

Linda Galloway

Jackie O’Riley

Aaronette Stinson

The treasurer, Linda Galloway, gave a treasurer report. She said we had $11,163.07 as of 29 September and we should have about $7,000 to start the new year.

This should put us in pretty good shape till the 2006 dues start coming in in April.

Under old business Lightning Grounds Maintenance Contract problems have been cleared up and a new contract was signed 9/3/05.

It has slightly less mowing and spelled out the number of times he would mow each month.

Palm tree replacement was discussed and Mr. Hoge indicated that we could get a palm tree from Forest Hills Nursery for $250, installed with no warranty.

The board thought that was a good price but wanted to know when the best time to plant it would be. Mr. Hoge said he would find out.

For new business we discussed another Blvd Cleanup. We decided to schedule it for Sat., 12 November.

Carl said that if any board member saw road with pot holes to call him and he would call a work order into Dorchester County Roads and Maintenance.

Mr. Hoge said he would try and get Animal Control to send some one to be the guest speaker to the General Meeting in November.

We discussed signs in Archdale and asked Mr. Hoge to write an article discussing our policy for signs in the common areas.

Ted Hucks said he had two volunteers for replacements for the 2006 Board elections at the next General meeting. They are Kris Herold and Rich Lytton.

He also said he thought that Norman would be willing to be the new President. Jackie O’Riley volunteered to takeover the treasurer job in 2006 and Linda Galloway agreed.

Carl said that new articles for the November Newsletter need to be in NLT 16 October.

Letters and notes received by the Board were reviewed and one dealing with removing the stop sign at the corner of Archdale Blvd.

and Old Dominion Drive was discussed and rejected. The board felt that the best course of action was to leave the sign where it is.

The next General Meeting is scheduled for 10 November 2005, 7 pm at Fire Dept. & next board meeting will be scheduled for January 2006.

Submitted 11/6/05 by;

Carl C. Hoge

President, ACA