Baker's Landing Subdivision covenants are effective on houses located on the following streets:

Baker's Landing Drive: all house
Mansfield Drive: all houses 6000 and above
Wharf Landing Court: all houses

Baker's Landing utilizes its own association governed by its own set of By-Laws. The relationship between Baker's Landing Association and the Archdale Civic Association is still being worked on since the Baker's Landing Association is still relatively new. The covenants and by-laws are included here for completeness since the Archdale Civic Association considers all houses accessed via Archdale Boulevard a part of Archdale.

Official copies are recorded at the following locations:

Restrictive Covenants: Volume 1054 Page 229 - 248
Baker's Landing Association By-Laws: Volume 1054 Page 249 - 258
Joint Use Dock Covenants: Volume 1054 Page 259 - 260
Plat: Cabinet H Page 399
Plat: Cabinet I Page 3

 Note: The restrictive covenants have been modified during summer of 1999. Since I have not received a copy of the covenants nor had the time to drive to St. George to research them, they are not available here.

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