WHEREAS, certain restrictive covenants applicable to Brookshire Subdivision were recorded in Book 619 at page 297, in the RMC Office for Dorchester County, SC.

WHEREAS, in Part II, Article I, Section 5 of said restrictions there is a provision for a reservation of easement for the installation and maintenance of drainage and utilities running ten feet along the rear lot line and ten feet along each side lot line. That, further, in Part IV, Article II, Carolina Pacific, Inc. reserved the right to amend the restrictions on its own motion until 12/31/93.

WHEREAS, Carolina Pacific, Inc. has become aware, based on survey of Andrew C. Gillette RLS #5933-B dated 7/17/92 that as to Lot 14, Block D, Brookshire Subdivision, located at 5465 Roxbury Drive, North Charleston, South Carolina, that the driveway of said property encroaches by approximately three feet into the ten foot front reservation of easement on the southern lot line and the house encroaches by two feet into said reservation on the western lot line.

WHEREAS, Carolina Pacific, Inc. hereby desires that as to Lot 14, Block D, Brookshire Subdivision that said reservation of easement should be modified to allow the encroachments as aforestated to remain in their current locations as shown on above referenced survey, which is attached hereto as Exhibit A.

WHEREAS, R. A. Scott Associates (a South Carolina General Partnership) received title to the subject lot and all other lots owned by Carolina Pacific, Inc. in said subdivision by deed of Carolina Pacific, Inc. dated 8/30/89 and recorded in Book 683 at page 120, RMC Office aforesaid.