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The foundation located on Mansfield Drive is the remnants of Archdale Hall. The plantation was the longest family owned plantation in South Carolina. The area behind the house site contains numerous azaleas, lilies and other garden flora that were part of the garden in 1886 when the house was destroyed. The Archdale Civic Association is currently cleaning the undergrowth and plan on preserving the foundation and gardens for the enjoyment of current and future residents.

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Owners and History of the Property

The house site is a historical landmark and as such is protected by law.
Please do not walk on the foundation walls, dig for artifacts, or remove
any items from the site. For more information or if you want to help,
please click here to contact........ The President of Archdale Civic Association.

Land Grant from King CharlesApril 1, 1683
Richard Baker (original owner)1681-1698
William Baker (brother) (built house)1698-1718
Richard Baker (son)1718-1752
Richard Bohun Baker I (son)1752-1783
Richard Bohun Baker II (son)1783-1837
Richard Bohun Baker III (son)1837-1865
Richard Bohun Baker (Nephew)1865-1901
House destroyed by the Great EarthquakeAug. 31, 1886
Emma Grimke-Drayton (Niece)1901-1944
Glen Grimke-Drayton (Grandson)1944-1962
Land sold outside the family to developer1962
Archdale Civic Association receives 2 acre house site from C&S Bank1996

The following pictures are available for your viewing pleasure.

Front of house taken after the earthquake (around Sep 20, 1886).Front of house (170K)

Left side of house taken after the earthquake (around Sep 20, 1886).Left side (153K)

Plat of Archdale Plantation shortly after the birth of the United States 1791 Plat (324K)

Foundation ruins from front of house.
The bricks in the foreground are the remnants of the front steps. (March 29, 2008)Front step ruins (291K)

Foundation ruins from left side of house.
The bricks to the right are the remnants of the front steps. (March 21, 2000)From left side (283K)

Close-up of the front steps. (March 21, 2000)Front step closeup (284K)

Some of the azaleas in spring time bloom.
These azaleas are the same as were in the garden in 1886. (March 21, 2000)Azaleas in bloom (269K)