Golden Neighborhood Rules

The rules listed below will help make any neighborhood a better place to live. They are not listed in particular order,
each one makes an improvement. These are my general thoughts, not necessary those of the ACA.

  1. Keep the yard maintained. It doesn't have to be perfect, just neat.
    Keep the grass mowed, hedges trimmed, and trash picked up.
  2. If you have a pet, keep the poop picked up otherwise there will be a smell.
    You may not notice it, but your neighbors sure will.
  3. If you walk your pet to let it answer the call of nature, please pick up the mess.
    A lot of people hate finding messes in their yard. In most areas, it is illegal not to pick up after your pet.
    Dorchester County has a fine up to a $250 for failure to clean up the mess.
  4. Don't dump your yard clipping, limbs or other trash on any property. This includes empty lots, wooded areas, or easements. It is all private property and the owner will not appreciate having to clean up your mess.
  5. Wave......... I try to wave to anyone and every one that I see in my neighborhood even when working.
    There have been some people that I have waved to for six months without a hint of a response.
    But eventually, they start waving back, and usually it brings a smile to both our faces. This doesn't have to be a arm jerking exhausting wave, just a raise of the hand with a glance will do.
  6. If you are going to put a boat, camper trailer in your yard (assuming the restrictive covenants will allow it), talk to your neighbor about it.
    It may still bother your neighbor that it is there (even if they say its okay), but at least they will feel better knowing that you took the time to talk to them about it. Try to keep it out of sight or neat in appearance.
  7. Drive slowly. Don't crawl along, but don't drive the Indy 500 down neighborhood streets. It will only take an extra minute and may save a life.
    Let's face it, neighborhoods have kids everywhere, and kids forget a lot of times to look before running into a street when they are having fun.
  8. Volunteer at least once a year. Doesn't matter what it is or whether it was a planned activity or not.
    See a bag or trash in the road, stop and pick it up. When there is a cleanup planned, help out.
    Even if you only help out by bringing water to the laboring workers, it is a big help.
  9. Say "Thank You".
    There is nothing more motivating and appreciated than for someone to take the time and say "Thank you", or "It looks great".

(c) 1999